WSOP Main Event Day 2A/B Level 9: Shaun Deeb Pushing For Chip Lead, Somerville, Negreanu Close

Daniel Negreanu has a reason to smile after Level 9. He's got more than double the average stack. (Ryan Lucchesi photo)
The second-to-last level of the day is in the books on Day 2A/B of the 2012 World Series of Poker Main Event and some of poker’s biggest names are climbing the leaderboard. Daniel Negreanu, Jason Somerville and Eugene Katchalov all have top ten stacks but the biggest stack in the room might belong to Shaun Deeb.

A Swingy Level Ends With Shaun Deeb as One of the Chipleaders

Shaun Deeb had a heartrbeaking experience in the 2011 WSOP Main Event, playing a massive hand on the featured table in which he played a 400,000+ chip pot against Max Heinzelmann at 1,000/2,000. Deeb had A A against A 6, calling a six-bet all-in from Heinzelmann preflop, only for Heinzelmann to river three sixes to steal the pot and crush Deeb’s Main Event hopes. He’s looking to make 2012 a better year and Level 9 was certainly helpful in that task, as he’s got over 415,000 going into the last level of Day 2B. Here’s his rundown of the level, courtesy of his Twitter account.
“Just went from 200 to 170 to 230 to 180 to 290 in 10 hands”
“Make that 345k”
“Trying to stop these bit keep getting chips 415k”

Day 1A Chipleader William John Busts

Just three days ago the poker world was wondering who exactly William John was. The 56-year-old Australian had rocketed to the top of the chip counts by bagging up 266,00 at the end of Day 1A and was over 100,000 ahead of the next biggest stack. All those are gone now though as John busted and hour after the dinner break. After a flop of T-9-6-9-3 John moved all-in and was called by one opponent, Mark Demirdjian. John flipped over A-K while Demirdjian had flopped a set with T T.

Chance Kornuth Busts Shortstack

From the button Daniel Lowery raised to 2,400, from the big blind Chance Kornuth three-bet to 7,600 before Lowery moved all-in. Kornuth called and tabled J J while Lowery had A 7. the baord ran out K 9 5 K 5 and Lowery was eliminated while Kornuth worked on stacking 188,000 in chips.

Aussie Millions Champ Heading Back Down Under

Just back from dinner break things couldn’t have gone much worse for 2012 Aussie Milions Main Event champ Oliver Speidel. With just 17,000 left, Speidel moved all-in from UTG and was called by a player in middle position. Speidel turned over 8 8 but his opponent held Q Q and the board ran out A J 4 2 4 and Speidel’s run at his first cash on American soil was over.

John played the 2012 WSOP after his son, for whom he had purchased the seat, couldn’t play because of his daughter’s birthday. “Now I can go back to being a normal person,” Joh n said as we got up from the table. After the hand Demirdjian was working with a stack of 380,000.

Seed Gets O’Brien  

Huck Seed, Dan O’Brien, and Sam Barnhart were all sitting together in the Brasilia room but both Seed and O’Brien were having a tough time of it on Day 1B, each having far below an average stack. Seed opened the action with a raise to 2,500 and it folded to O’Brien in the hijack, who went all-in for his final 22,000. It folded back around to Seed and he called, leaving him with less than 15,000 if he were to lose. He was in great shape to bust O’Brien, however, as his 9 9 was well ahead of O’Brien who had 5 5, and the board ran out A 7 3 T 3 to give Seed the pot and eliminate O’Brien. Seed was up to 57,000 after the hand.

J.C. Tran is on the Rise in Brasilia

There was 6,000 in the pot and the board read J T 3 7 when J.C. Tran bet 5,600 from the cutoff. The big blind made the call and the 5 fell on the river. Tran fired out 10,200 and his opponent made the call. Tran turned over J T and his opponent mucked 5-3. Tran collected the pot and he is now cruising with 146,000.

Haxton Back Over 100,000

With the board showing 8 6 4 K Isaac Haxton bet 14,000 and then began talking aloud after Karina Jett’s raise to 80,000. “I don’t really think I can fold. Unless you were bluffing the flop, you don’t have top pair,” said Haxton, who called all-in with K J and was proven right when Jett showed A 8. The river was the 7 and Haxton doubled-up to 105,000.

Ladies Take Over Silver Section

After spending most of the summer tearing up Las Vegas together, Maria Ho, Vanessa Selbst and Liv Boeree are all now sitting just a few tables apart from each other in the Brazilia Room Silver Section. Ho leads the group with 210,000, Selbst isn’t far behind with 185,000 while Boeree has her work cut out for her with 25,000. The fourth member of the quartet, Vanessa Rousso, didn’t make Day 2 after busting on Day 1B.

Tex Barch Back to Where he Started

The flop read A 8 5 and there was 7,000 in the pot when Tex Barch bet 6,000 under the gun. The cutoff made the call and the turn brought the 7. Barch bet 15,000 this time around, and the cutoff went into the tank for several minutes. He eventually pushed his whole stack over into the middle of the table and Barch folded after a minute of deliberation. Barch was down to 33,000 after the hand.

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