WSOP: John Monnette Wins $5,000 Seven-card Stud Event

John Monnette After Winning the $5,000 Seven-Card Stud Event

When the final day of play began in the $5,000 Seven-card Stud event at the 2012 World Series of Poker there were 16 players still in the hunt for a bracelet. By the end of play John Monnette became the first player of the summer to claim his second career bracelet at the 43rd annual WSOP. He outlasted many strong professional players who are Stud specialists to secure his 22nd WSOP cash and second bracelet win.

“When we came in today there were so many good Stud players. Nick Schulman was still in, he was short and he got busted out, but he plays great. Eugene [Katchalov] is an awesome Stud player, I really didn’t get tangled up too much with him,” said Monnette. In the end he beat them all to increase his career earnings to $1,241,047.

Cards got into the air at the final table of eight players shortly after 5 p.m. PT. Once he got to the final table Monnette had a large problem seated on his direct left in five-time bracelet winner Jeffrey Lisandro, arguably one of the best Stud players in the world. “When we got here to the final table Jeff was on my immediate left, which I knew was going to be tolling, but forntunately for me I had a lot of key hands at all the right moments. He was handcuffed by some of the other players and also by not being able to make too many hands. He got short and that made it easier to play against him, and once he was gone it was definitely a relief because I didn’t have to worry about him on my left every hand,” said Monnette.

Ray Dehkarghani was eliminated in eighth place when his pair of sevens fell against the two pair of Timothy Finne. Bryn Kenney was the next to go when he got the last of his chips in on fifth street against Huu Vinh. Kenney was behind when they flipped over their cards, and Vinh improved to make jacks up. That sent Kenney home in seventh place. About ten minutes later it was Mark Dickstein who moved all in. Monnette made the call and they opened up their hands. Here is how things settled after seventh street:

Monnette: AJ(7293)K
Dickstein: T7(T85K)J

Dickstein was eliminated in sixth place and Monnette kept himself near the top of the chip counts. The next player to fall removed Monnette’s largest obstacle for a bracelet in Lisandro. He faced off against Perry Friedman and Lisandro was ahead with pocket nines when the money went in. Friedman came from behind to make a straight and send Lisandro home in fifth place.

Friedman was out next in fourth place and he was busted at the hands of Monnette. Neither player had made even a pair when the money went in, and here is how things played out by the end of the hand:

Monnette: 87(9T37)Q
Friedman: Q7(J936)T

By the time the final three players reached the dinner break Monnette was firmly in control of the final table. He increased his chip stack to 1.8 million while neither of his opponents held more than 300,000. Vinh only held 320,000 after his three queens eliminated Finne in third place.  Monnette had a 6-1 chip advantage at that point and he quickly shut the door. The chips quickly went in on the final hand, with the 3 exposed for Vinh against the J of Monnette. Here is how the final board ran out:

Monnette: AQ(J6J8)9
Vinh: Q8(3K54)7

Monnette won the hand and the tournament to take home $190,826 in prize money and his second gold bracelet. He won his first in a $2,500 Eight Game Mixed event in 2011.

Here is a look at the final-table results:

1. John Monnette – $190,826
2. Huu Vinh – $117,913
3. Tim Finne – $73,847
4. Perry Friedman – $53,470
5. Jeff Lisandro – $41,789
6. Mark Dickstein – $33,325
7. Bryn Kenney – $27,062
8. Raymond Dehkharghani – $22,332

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