WSOP Main Event Caption Contest–Last Chance for Free Shirts

Last chance for free swag, comment while you can
Last chance for free swag, comment while you can

Our WSOP Main Event caption contest brought in another crop of great submissions, with several chuckle-inducing captions coming from Facebook, Twitter, and our website’s comment section. After reading through all the submissions, we decided that the winning comment belongs to “toothlessJ” with the following submission:

“Something tells me that these players advocate a “small ball” style…”

Congratulations toothlessJ! You are now the proud owner of your very own “I Am Isildur1” t-shirt courtesy of Enjoy!

We aren’t quite done with our caption contest extravaganza though. We’ve got one last photo to comment snarkily on and one last t-shirt to give away. Just a reminder, you can submit your caption as a comment within this post (be sure to fill out the e-mail field when submitting your comment so we can contact you if you win). You can also submit your captions by Tweeting at Bluff (@bluffmagazine), or by commenting in our post of this article on our Facebook page.

We used this photo during one of our updates yesterday, but we got such a kick out of it we couldn’t resist using it one more time for the final installment of our Main Event Caption Contest. Without further ado, have at it:

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