WSOP Main Event: Hellmuth Arrives, Jaka In Charge, Jett is Rewarded

Phil Hellmuth might have been the last player to register on Day 1A. (Heather Borowinski)

Players are now on a 90-minute dinner break as Day 1A of the 2012 World Series of Poker Main Event has played through three levels. Reigning World Champion Pius Heinz continues to find himself at the ESPN feature table while another former Main Event winner finally decided to join the fray.

Numbers Are In

A lot of people have been guessing about just how big the field will get this year. Registration for Day 1A officially closed at 4:40 pm PT with 1,066 players in the field. That number is an improvement over the Day 1A numbers from 2011 when 897 played the very first day. Keep in mind that Day 1A last year was held on a Friday which could skew the number slightly.

Phil Hellmuth Arrives Late. As Expected

Phil Hellmuth is known as much for his late arrivals to major tournaments as much as he is for having 12 bracelets. So it’s no surprise to anybody really that “the Poker Brat” made his entrance during Level 3, shortly after registration closed. Apparently Hellmuth wasn’t going to play on Day 1A but changed his mind after getting a good night’s sleep.

“Surprise, surprise (to me as well!), just sat in Day 1A of WSOP ME (Main Event)! Was playing Monday (1C), but Slept 14.5 hrs + hopped in,” Hellmuth Tweeted.

Faraz Jaka Simply Bulldozing the Brazilia Room

There are just 11 tables left in the Brasilia room, and they’re breaking more quickly by the minute. The unhappiest person in the room with that breaking order has to be Faraz Jaka, who is absolutely destroying his table. He has over 100,000 and keeps on building, playing a lot of hands of varying quality to perfection. Jaka value-bet two pair on a coordinated four-straight board, and followed it up with a tough calldown on a king-high board with pocket jacks.

He also managed to talk his way into a big pot in a crazy spot against an aggressive opponent. “Guy talks about how he wins tournies drunk,” Tweeted Jaka. “I order him “Adios Mother F*er” He Limp-Shoves 20k on button w/ 25o into my AA. #adiosmotherf***er.”

Karina Jett Gets Rewarded for Tough Call Against Quinn Do

The board read 7 5 4 7 and Jett fired a bet of 2,500 and Do called. The river was the 9 and Jett took a minute before checking. Do seized the opportunity to bet 6,200 and Jett tanked for another minute before calling. “You got it,” Do said and Jett tabled K 5 for two pair before raking in the pot. She is now up to 50,000 chips.

Greg Mueller Clawing His Way Back

Things haven’t gone as planned for Greg “FBT” Mueller on Saturday. Down to around 7,000 in chips action folded around to Mueller in the cutoff and he raised to 675. The button called, the small blind folded and the big blind came along for the ride. The flop was 9 8 3 and all three players checked. The turn was the 8 and the big blind bet 1,100, Mueller called and the button folded.. The river was the 4, the big blind bet 2,200 and Mueller asked “Any chance you have jack-ten?” as he called. The big blind showed A-5 and Mueller happily turned over A-Q both of which played with the board to give the Canadian poker pro 13,000.

Voulgaris Didn’t Have a Flush

After coming to the 2012 WSOP to play the Big One for One Drop, Haralabos Voulgaris has been a busy man. The Main Event is his fourth event this week and he’s down to half of his starting stack just five hours in. With 22,000 in the pot and the board reading Q 7 5 2 T Vaoulgaris checked and his opponent moved all-in for just 13,600. While contemplating his decision Volgaris said “I’m never folding a flush, right?” before pitching his cards into the muck. “Lucky for you I don’t have a flush.”. The hand left Voulgaris with just 17,000 but he busted just 15 minutes later.

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