WSOP Main Event Day 1B Level 3: Double the Field Size, Double the Fun

Chris Tryba continues to fight after Level 3 of Day 1B. (Heather Borowinski photo)

The Day 1B final numbers are in and somewhere in the Rio WSOP executives Ty Stewart, Seth Palansky and Jack Effel are doing a happy dance. A total of 2,114 players registered for Sunday to push the total number of players to 3,180 and with over 3,000 players expected on Monday the 2012 WSOP Main Event will come close to matching the 2011 field size.

Chris Tryba Working His Way Up to Starting Stack

Halfway through the level Chris Tryba found himself adding to his stack. From the button Tryba raised to 800 and found one caller from the small blind. The flop was Q 7 5, the small blind checked, Tryba bet 1,150 and got a call. The turn was the 4 and both players checked. After the 2 the small blind led out for 1,150 and Tryba called. The small blind revealed 8 8 and Tryba showed T T to win the pot. Tryba now sits on just under 30,000.

Todd Brunson Doubles Through Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu’s first table of the day has already broken and he now finds himself at a table with Todd Brunson, much to the delight of Brunson. From under the gun Negreanu raised to 600 and got four callers before Brunson made it 2,220 from the big blind. Negreanu and one other player called to see a flop of J T 9. Brunson led out for 5,500, Negreanu called and the third player folded.The 6 turn was enough for Brunson to move all-in for 4,875. At this pot Negreanu asked the dealer to spread the pot, counted what was in the pot, said “good luck” and called. Negreanu showed A Q but Brunson was well ahead with T T. The J filled up Brunson and shipped the 30,000 pot his way. Negreanu was down to 32,000.

Negreanu Gets It Back and More

Not long after their first big hand together Negreanu and Brunson were back at it. With 18,000 in the pot and the board showing 9 6 4 T Brunson checked from UTG+1, Negreanu checked from UTG+1 before the last player in the hand bet 5,000. Both players called. The 8 river got Brunson to check, Negreanu to bet 19,600 and an insta-call from the third player. Brunson got out of the way, Negreanu showed A 7 for a ten-high straight and his opponent open-mucked Q Q. Negreanu was up over 85,000 following the hand.

Erick Lindgren and Vanessa Rousso Clash

Seated together since the start of the day, Vanessa Rousso and Erick Lindgren finally clashed in a big pot. The board showed K 9 8 6 Q and Lindgren bet 5,600. Rousso went into the tank. After five minutes she took her sunglasses off and called only to muck when Lindgren showed J T for a king-high straight. After that hand Rousso was down to 10,500 while Lindgren shot up to 44,000.

Eli Elezra Nitted Out of 1/3 of his Stack

A player in early position raised to 1,650 and Eli Elezra called from the cutoff. The flop came T 4 3 and the initial bettor threw out 2,000, Elezra called. The 7 turn prompted another bet of 2,000 and call from Elezra at which point Elezra said “Playing limit, huh?”. After the 7 river Elezra’s opponent again bet 2,000 and Elezra called and mucked when his opponent showed Q Q leaving him with 21,000.

Cash Games Just Got a Little Bit More Action

Rumors have been circulating for the past two weeks about massive cash games at various Las Vegas casinos. One of those games just got one of their regulars back as Macua businessman Richard Yong has seen his WSOP Main Event run cut short. Yong was all-in after a flop of J 9 5 with a spade draw against the 5 5 of his opponent. The 6 turn and T river failed to complete Yong’s draw and he was railbound with his entourage in tow.

Toughest Table in the Brasilia Room

A tough table has come together in the Gold Section of the Brasilia Room at Table 2. Andrew Lichtenberger is in Seat 2, Chip Jett is in Seat 3, Matt Woodward is in Seat 4, Joe Sebok is in Seat 6 and Jonathan Plens is in Seat 8. That is a pretty unlucky table draw out of a starting field of over 2,100 players on Day 1B.

In a recent hand at the table Plens raised to 650 preflop UTG+1 and both the small blind blind and Joe Sebok on the big blind made the call. The flop was dealt Q 5 2 and the small blind bet 1,200. Sebok mucked and Plens made the call. The turn fell T and the small blind fired in another 1,200. Plens made the call once more, and then the 6 followed on the river. The small blind bet 1,400, but this time Plens raised to 6,600. The small blind went into the tank for a minute or so and eventually mucked his hand. This gave Plens the pot and grew his stack to 60,000.

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