WSOP Main Event: Day 1B Level Two Update

Wasicka is taking his punishment with a smile on his face
Wasicka is taking his punishment with a smile on his face

After a relatively tame Day 1A, Day 1B is proving to bring out the crazy in people as wild prop bets, goofy costumes, and a few live misclicks have caused an array of shenanigans early in Level Two of the WSOP Main Event. Here’s the rundown for you:

Paul Wasicka Does Matt Stout’s Dirty Work

It wouldn’t be the Main Event without oodles of delightfully wacky prop bets. Our favorite of the day has to be the WSOP Player of the Year points race between Matt Stout and Paul Wasicka. Stout bested his friend by earning more POY points than him this summer and, as a result, Wasicka now has to sport a hot pink t-shirt decorated with puffy paint. As you can see in the photo, Paul’s shirt includes such phrases as “I’m with Stoopid” and “Hello my name is Matt Stout’s bitch.”

In addition to sporting the shirt, Wasicka also has to serve as Stout’s manservant for the day. When we caught up with them, Wasicka was dropping off a Tropical Smoothie Café order that included smoothies for both Stout and Tournament Director Jack Effel, as well as a breakfast burrito. Stout was wholly dissatisfied to learn his burrito contained both salsa and bacon and briefly contemplated sending Wasicka back to fetch another, but quickly changed his mind.

“It’s okay,” Stout explained. “I’m going to make him go get me tacos later.”

As Stout tended to his burrito, Wasicka squirreled away, much to his friend’s chagrin. “I don’t know why [he disappeared], because he is supposed to faithfully watch me on the rail as part of his torture.’

Jamie Gold Gets New Life

Thanks to a live misclick, 2006 Main Event winner Jamie Gold avoided elimination early in Level Two. Gold bet out 2,000 with the board reading KT84 and his opponent made it 5,000 to go. Gold called, leaving just 3,100 chips behind. The river brought the 3 and Gold checked. His opponent announced all in and Gold began to think aloud.

“I flopped two pair, I can’t imagine folding,” Gold said to nobody in particular. His opponent took this to mean “call” and proudly turned over his 44 for a turned set of fours. Gold was given the option to call or fold. Unsurprisingly, he folded his losing K-8 face up. He is now down to 2,500 and looks to be desperate to get it all in and attempt to double up

Big Pots A’Plenty in Amazon Blue

They may or may not have slipped something into the coffee on the first break, but the start of the second level has seen a flurry of “All-in and a Call” shouts from the dealers in the blue section of the Amazon Room.

One of the beneficiaries of this craziness was Marco “CrazyMarco” Johnson, who was able to get all-in on a flop of QT9 with AA, and was well ahead of the AQ that his opponent was holding. The 7 turn and 4 river did nothing to change the outcome, and Johnson found himself sitting on over 46,000 chips after that pot.

Just one table away, James “Flushy” Dempsey continued his hot run at the WSOP with a monster pot of his own. It was a cooler as Dempsey tabled 99 against his opponent’s A9 on an A97 board. It ran out 4, 6 and Dempsey collected the 40,000 chip pot to get himself to 53,000.

Hit the Road Shak

Dan Shak’s stack had been in complete freefall since he grabbed his chair on Day 1B, and his last stand came on a flop of K 6 A. Shak shoved his stack with K Q, and found a lone caller who tabled K Q. Shak was still alive after a 3 on the turn gave him one half of the runner-runner spade draw, but the 5 was of no help, and Shak was sent to the rail in just under three hours of play.

Hac Dang Gets a Free T-shirt

Robert Williamson III and Hac Dang have created quite a humorous scene at their table, and are constantly ribbing one another during hands. After Williamson took Dang for about 3,000 in chips, Dang told him he wasn’t mad about the hand. “That surprises me,” Williams suggested, to which Dang replied, “Well, the shirt makes it even.” Prior to the hand, Williamson had called over his Milwaukee’s Best girls that we alluded to earlier, and the girls began handing out free t-shirts. They even went the extra distance with Dang, and dressed him in the shirt!

Only Phil’s Don’t Rush In

For some players, a couple of extra hours of sleep are very much worth missing a level or two. With such deep stacks, these players can afford to do so. Phil Laak just wandered in and filled an empty seat that has had cameras hovering around it all day, with the players curious as to who would be sitting down. His table draw could be a bit better, though, as Tristan “Cre8ive” Wade occupies the seat directly to his left and Vladimir Schmelev is also seated at the table.

Laak lost a pot as soon as he sat down, but even with that hand and all the blinds he missed, he’s only lost 2,300 of his 30,000 stack.

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