WSOP Main Event Day 1C Level 3: 2012 Field Size at 6,598

Antonio Esfandiari was Awarded his Check for ONE DROP in Brasilia (Heather Borowinski Photo)

We are through three levels and off to dinner here at the 2012 World Series of Poker $10,000 Main Event on Day 1C. Official numbers were announced just before the break began. There were 3,418 players participating on Day 1C, and that drives the total field for the tournament up to 6,598. The top 666 places get paid, and the champion will take home $8,527,982 in prize money. The total prize pool will be available later tonight, and until then you can check out these hands from Level 3.

BIG ONE for ONE DROP Bracelet Ceremony and Check Presentation in Brasilia

Antonio Esfandiari was given an over-sized check totaling $18,346,673 by WSOP Tournament Director Jack Effel for his win in the $1 million Big ONE for ONE DROP charity tournament on a break in the Brasilia Room on the bracelet ceremony stage. Esfandiari asked his father to come up on the stage during the ceremony and he gave him the platinum bracelet he was awarded at the event. A second check was also presented to the ONE DROP Foundation for the total of $5,333,328, which is the amount of money raised by the event for the charity.

Annette Obrestad Runs into Quads

Annette Obrestad bet 600 preflop under the gun and three players called. The A 9 7 flop was checked around and then the J fell on the turn. Seat 7 bet 1,060 and Obrestad raised to 3,300. The other two players mucked and Seat 7 moved all in for 10,125 total. Obrestad made the call and they flipped over their hands:

Obrestad: A J
Seat 7:  7 7

River: 7

Seat 7 easily doubled up with quads and Obrestad was left with just 9,425 after the hand.

Two Female Poker Players + One Queen on the Turn = Erika Moutinho at 17,500

Last year’s Last Woman Standing, Erika Moutinho, now has an uphill battle in front of her if she hopes to repeat her 2011 performance. From middle position Moutinho raised to 700 and another woman at the table called. The two players saw a flop of K 9 3 and Moutinho led out for 1,050 with her opponent calling behind her. The Q turn got Moutinho to check and her opponent bet 2,300. After thinking for a few seconds Moutinho let her hand go and was left with 17,500.

Grinder Rolling

Michael Mizrachi has had a great summer so far, winning his second $50,000 Poker Players Championship in three years. The last time he won the Poker Players Championship was in 2010, and that WSOP ended with an appearance in the November Nine. We’re a long, long way from that point, but Mizrachi is certainly making a case that he has another run in him, as he’s already building a massive stack in Level 3. He’s sitting across from Taylor Caby and even he is getting run over by Mizrachi; Caby’s stack was a little less than 19,000 after he called a bet of 1,950 from Mizrachi on a 6 4 3 board. The pot was then at about 7,000 when the A hit on the turn, and Mizrachi threw in four orange chips to put Caby all-in. Caby folded and Mizrachi took the pot.

Mizrachi continued to scoop pot after pot throughout the level, and three-bet with a fairly high frequency. A middle position player raised to 700, Mizrachi three-bet to 2,000, and only the initial raiser called. The flop was 4 3 2, and the middle-position player check-called 2,000 to bring the T. A bet of 5,000 was enough for Mizrachi to take the pot on the turn, and his stack climbed up to an astounding 155,000 in Level 3.

Luke Schwartz has a Bad Run

Luke Schwartz was cruising with 65,000 on Day 1C here in the Amazon Room, but then a run of bad hands hit, and now he has less than he started the day with.

On the first hand, one player raised to 800 UTG, Schwartz called UTG+1, and both blinds called as well. The flop was dealt K 6 3 and the big blind open shipped all in for 9,900. Only Schwartz made the call so the two players flipped over their cards. Schwartz held K Q and the big blind held A 5. The turn and river fell 7 4 and Schwartz was down to 48,000.

A short time later he got involved in another hand that did not end well for him. This time the preflop action was three-bet up to 2,400 and three players saw a flop of 7 7 3. The hi-jack then moved all in for 4,175 and both Schwartz and the original raiser in the hand called. The turn brought the T and now the original raiser moved all in for 13,825. Schwartz called him as well so all three players opened up their hands:

Schwartz: Q Q
Hi-jack: 8 7
Original Raiser: T T

River: A

Both of his opponents doubled up on the hand, and Schwartz was left with just 24,000 after the dust settled.

Phil vs. Phil … or …. Ivey vs. Collins

Phil Collins raised to 750 from UTG, the button and Phil Ivey, in the small blind, both called. The flop came T 4 2 and all three players checked. After the 7 turn Ivey led out for 1,500 and both opponents called. The turn was 8 and Ivey bet 4,000, Collins quickly called and the third player folded. Ivey told Collins “you got it” and after Collins revealed K T, Ivey threw his hand in the muck. That pot moved Collins up to 47,000 and dropped Ivey to 44,000.

Force Busts Two

Leif Force is no stranger to success in the WSOP Main Event. Force first popped up during the 2006 Main Event, during which the shaggy-haired kid made quite an impression before going out just before the final table in 11th place. He won his first career WSOP bracelet early on in the 2012 WSOP, and he’s looking to put together another big run in this Main Event. He got involved in a big pot late in this level in which three players got all-in on the flop. With 2,500 already in the pot, Force led out for 600 on a 7 5 3 flop, he was called by the under the gun player, and the player next to act made it 5,000. A middle position player cold-called 5,000, Force three-bet to 13,000, and the under the gun player folded.

The next two players went all-in for just over Force’s 13,000 chip bet, and all three hands were suddenly on their backs. Force’s A A was leading everything, as Q Q and 9 9 tried to catch up with the tournament lives of both players on the line. The turn was the 8 and the river was the K, and Force’s aces held to bump his stack up to 42,000.

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