WSOP Main Event: Day 2B End of Level 6 Update

Vanessa Rousso is one of many women faring well in this year's Main Event
Vanessa Rousso is one of many women faring well in this year's Main Event

David Sands is doing his best to leave a lasting impression on Doyle Brunson it seems.  The DoylesRoom Brunson 10 contender is already the points leader in the online poker room’s contest, but he figured he’d try to cement his status as the frontrunner with a big splash in the WSOP Main Event.  We’ve got the details on that, as well as chip leaders from the end of Level 6:

The Doc Is In

A massive pot developed between David “Doc” Sands and an older player in middle position. There was a huge pot by the river on the A T 5 J 7 board. The middle position player moved all in for around 60,000. Sands called holding A T for flopped two pair and his opponent had J T for a lower, turned two pair. Sands has built his stack to 237,000 and he is one of the biggest stacks in the field.

Layne Flack Wins Some Chips Then Gives Them Back

Layne Flack called a raise of 1,300 from the big blind, and the flop was JJ4. His opponent bet 2,300, Flack called, and the turn was the 8. Flack check-raised to 15,000, his opponent moved all-in, and Flack called for 34,050. His opponent had 44 for a flopped full house, but Flack had 88 and had turned a better one. The river was the 7 and Flack doubled up to 77,000.

A short time later all of those chips and more would leave Flack’s stack. On an 832 board, Flack bet 1,500, and was raised to 4,500, which he called. On the 5 turn, Flack checked, his opponent bet 6,500, and Flack check-raised to 20,000, with his opponent beating him into the pot. The river was the 2, and Flack bet 20,500. His opponent immediately went all-in and had Flack covered. After about two minutes, Flack folded, leaving himself with just under 30,000.

JC Tran Drops One

JC Tran got into quite the raising war with an opponent sitting directly to his right, and it was Tran who finally called and took the two players to the flop, bringing K 9 2. The original bettor fired out a bet of 2,200, and Tran re-raised it to 6,600. After tanking for a bit, the player on the right of Tran moved his bet to 21,000, and Tran quickly mucked his hand. “Caught me,” said Tran, to which his opponent replied, “You didn’t catch me!” Tran is now down to 28,000.

Mercier Misfires

With 12,000 in the pot on a KQ7 board, Jason Mercier bet 5,150. His opponent moved all-in for 20,050, and after some deliberation called. His read was off as his opponent had AA, while Mercier held 88. The turn was the T, and Mercier tried to duplicate what Phil Laak did during the National Heads-Up Poker Championship and aligned his eight with where the river would be placed, hoping to draw out for a set on the river, but it was the T and his opponent scooped the pot. Mercier was down to 84,500 after the hand.

Notable Chip Counts:

David Sands – 237,000
Steve Billirakis – 230,000
Jannick Wrang – 215,000
Jason DeWitt – 187,000
Khamsy Nuanmanee – 184,000
Michael Omelchuk – 175,000
Matt Keikoan – 170,000
Vanessa Rousso – 167,000
Bryn Kenney – 150,000

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