WSOP Main Event Day 2C Level 7: A Tough Table in the Amazon Room

Johnny Chan is at the Toughest Table in the Amazon Room (Heather Borowinski Photo)

Day 2C at the 2012 World Series of Poker Main Event is now charging ahead at full speed in the Amazon, Brasilia, and Pavilion Rooms here at the Rio, while the final table of the WSOP National Championship is running on the final table stage. It’s one of the busiest days of the summer. Read on below for an update on all of the action. There are some tough tables starting to form and a few big names took their leave during the last level.

Is it Really Only Day 2? Doesn’t Look That Way at Table 369

There have been some interesting and even some downright absurd table draws among this Day 2C field, but we just spotted another crazy table along the wall in Amazon Orange. Lee Watkinson, twice a runner-up on the WPT and once a WSOP bracelet winner, sits in Seat 4, followed by Shannon Shorr in Seat 5. Shorr has over $4.4 million in career tournament earnings, and in the last two weeks he recorded his second biggest tournament cash to date, finishing third in the $10,000 Six-handed No Limit Hold’em. Two-time WSOP Main Event champion Johnny Chan’s resume can be summed up simply with the number “10”. Online whiz-kid Randy “nanonoko” Lew has been in the nine seat all day, and he’s no slouch himself. The quartet had been playing together for all of Level 1, but shortly after returning from break they were joined by another very recognizable player. Andy Frankenberger’s original table broke, and the two-time bracelet winner and WPT Season IX Player of the Year filled the empty Seat 6 to further the madness.

Frankenberger was obviously not thrilled with his new table draw, but had an interesting moment with the ten-time bracelet winner.

“Hate table breaks where our position where we randomly choose to walk in room determines new table,” Tweeted Frankenberger. “I say to guy next to me, ‘do you want to walk in before or after me?’ He says he doesn’t care so I go in first and land at table with Shannon Shorr and Johnny Chan. So I sit down, wearing my two bracelets, and jokingly say to Johnny “pretty intimidating right?” he asks what events I won. I tell him, he says ‘oooo,’ as he shakes like he’s got the chills. We share a laugh and brush fists. One of my WSOP highlights for sure.”

 A Double for Mackey

James “” Mackey finished third in Event 43, a $1,500 No Limit Hold’em event, earlier this summer, his third top three-finish in a WSOP event after winning his first and only bracelet back in 2007. He’s never cashed in the Main Event, but he’s off to a good start towards pursuing that goal early on Day 2C. He found a good spot early in Level 7, and he opened the action to 1,300 from under the gun, with the action folding all the way around to the big blind. The big blind three-bet to 3,175, which brought a four-bet from Mackey to 8,500. After about a minute the big blind five-bet to 15,400, and Mackey quickly made the decision to six-bet all-in for 40,900, which his opponent called, barely having Mackey covered. It was the classic race as Mackey’s Q Q took on A K, and the T 9 6 T 2 board gave Mackey a key double up to over 83,000.

Von Kriegenbergh Spike One-Outter on River to Survive

2011 WPT Seminole Hard Rock champion Taylor Von Kriegenbergh ran the full gamut of emotions on his latest all-in. It folded around to him on the button and he opened for 1,200. The big blind three-bet him to 3,200, and Von Kriegenbergh four-bet it to 8,000, putting the decision back on his opponent. The big blind five-bet all-in and Von Kriegenbergh’s cards were on their backs before he even had enough time to put his chips in. He was well ahead with K K against the big blind’s 8 8. He started counting out his chips before the flop, and it looked like a mistake when the flop came out Q 8 3, putting Von Kriegenbergh well behind. He got even more bad news from a third player in the table.

“There’s just one king left,” he told Von Kriegenbergh, as he’d folded one of the two potential outs that could save Von Kriegenbergh’s tournament life.

“Wow,” was all Von Kriegenbergh could muster. The turn was the 2 and just one card separated Von Kriegenbergh from a brutal exit.

The river was the K.

The table exploded in excitement, and Von Kriegenbergh just shook his head with a giant grin on his face. “That’s hilarious,” said Von Kriegenbergh. “I was ready to get packing.” He instead sits on 64,000 with a new lease on life.

Brad Booth Takes a Hit

Brad Booth was among the chip leaders at the end of Day 1C with 146,025 but he took a hit here in the second level today and lost 40,000 in a recent  pot. The board read 9 7 6 T 3 and his opponent bet 13,500. Booth made the call and his opponent flipped over J 8. Booth mucked his cards and his stack stands around 30,000.

Gus Hansen Grows his Stack

An opponent bet 1,500 and Gus Hansen and the button made the call preflop. The flop was dealt J 8 2 and the original bettor bet 2,200. Hansen made the call and the button mucked. The J fell on the turn and both players checked. The 3 fell on the river and the opponent bet 6,150. Hansen made the call and flipped over pocket queens. His opponent showed A Q and Hansen won the pot to add 25,000 to his stack.

Notable Eliminations

William Reynolds
David Sands
Noah Schwartz
Kirk Morrison

Tweets from the Floor


William Reynolds (@ReynoldsXO): BustO the WSOP main event.. Got my 25k in w ACES on Th5h2c.. He had the 555.. The Las Vegas grind is over.. 1st profitable summer #MovingOn

Jason Potter (@JPOSU): Won QQ v a shortish stack’s AxJc on AQ3ccc and then just 5bet a guy on the btn to 20k and he called and chk/folded flop… 118k now.

Tim West (@TheTmay): Just goofed n misread riv aipf vs blizzy w AQhh vs his 1010. Board 82345…thought riv was a 6 and fake geeged. My bad blizzy. At 28kish

David Sands (@Doc_Sands): Busto. Just limp/shoved AK for 30bb. Get called by AQ and lose. Pretty tilting.

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