WSOP Main Event Day 4 Level 16: Bubble Bursts in Dramatic Fashion

Jack Effel announces that the 2012 WSOP Main Event bubble has burst. (Heather Borowinski photo)

In what just might be the most dramatic bubble in WSOP Main Event history four players were eliminated on four separate tables on the very first hand of hand-for-hand play to put 665 players into a celebratory mood. Just after beginning hand-for-hand play WSOP Tournament Director Jack Effel announced that five tables had a hand with an all-in and a call. Only one short-stacked player survived and the other four players busted out and will split the prize for 666th place.

Steve Rosen (kings to aces), Roberto Riva (fives to kings), Dane Lomas (aces to ace-king) and David Kelley (queens to aces) were the unfortunate four who will split $19,227. Traditionally Caesars awards the person eliminated on the bubble with a free seat to the next WSOP Main Event but with four players going out on the bubble Caesars had to get creative. Rosen, Riva, Lomas and Kelley will all play a single table tournament to determine who is freerolling in 2013.

John Phan Works His Way Up to 800,000

John Phan raised to 10,000 UTG+1 and a player in late position reraised to 23,000 preflop. Phan called and the flop was dealt Q 4 2. Phan bet 20,000 and his opponent raised to 42,000. Phan called after some thought and the turn fell 3. Both players checked and they also checked the 9 on the river. Phan flipped over A 3 and he collected the pot when his opponent mucked. Phan now has 790,000.

Chris Moorman Closing in on 400,000

A player in late position raised to 11,000 preflop and Chris Moorman reraised to 29,000 on the button. Both players checked the J 5 2 flop and the 6 followed on the turn. Moorman bet 30,000 and his opponent made the call. The river fell 3 and the player in late position bet 35,000. Moorman made the call and flipped over J 3. His opponent sheepishly revealed T 9 and Moorman collected the pot to grow his stack above 375,000.

Johnny Chan vs. Vivek Rajkumar on Feature Table

During the money bubble hand, Johnny Chan raised to 13,000 from the cutoff preflop and Vivek Rajkumar reraised to 35,000 from early position. Chan called and the two saw the flop fall 8 4 3. Chan checked, Rajkumar bet 36,000, and Chan called. The T fell on the turn and Chan checked again. Rajkumar bet 85,000 and Chan check-raised to 175,000.  Rajkumar mucked and Chan collected the pot. His stack now sits at 605,000 and Rajkumar holds 535,000.

Chris Moore Out Before the Money

Chris Moore was one of the first professionals to hit the rail early on Day 4. The all-in and call was announced from his table in the orange section of the room, and when we arrived the board read K 9 3 K 3. Moore held Q J but his opponent seated directly on his left held A-8 offsuit. Moore was eliminated on the hand and he exited the tournament area.

Roberto Luongo Doubles Up; Almost Confirms He’s Been Traded to the Florida Panthers

Vancouver Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo came in to Day 4 with just 1/3 of an average stack but a double-up early in the level has him back in the game. Luongo moved all-in from middle position after the player to his right raised to 11,000. Luongo’s opponent called the additional 70,000 and turned over 7 7. Luongo was racing with A Q. The Q T 5 flop brought instant relief for Luongo and the 2 turn and Q river were safe cards for the Olympic gold medal winner. After the hand Luongo was sitting on a stack of 173,000.

Hockey fans in Vancouver have been eating up the coverage of their star goalie, Roberto Luongo, as he plays in his first WSOP Main Event. He might not be their goalie for much longer though, if you read between the lines of a conversation Luongo had with another player at his table, Kamran Siddiqui.

“You played for my hometown team,” said Siddiqui, who is from Miami.

“Who’s that?” asked Luongo.

“The Florida Panthers,” answered Siddiqui.

“Oh yeah, I might be going back there,” said Luongo, while smiling.

“Yeah?” asked Siddiqui.

“Might be,” replied Luongo.

Shortly after the bubble burst Luongo was eliminated. He finished 634th for $19,227.

Early In the Money Eliminations

Jason Mercier
Marvin Rettenmaier
Matt Lefkowitz
David Diaz
David Tuchman
Liv Boeree

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