WSOP Main Event Day 7 Level 34: Final Table is Set – See You in October

Jesse Sylvia Heads to October with the Chip Lead at the WSOP Main Event (Heather Borowinski Photo)

The 2012 World Series of Poker Main Event final table is set. The final nine players will now take a break until October 28, when cards get back into the air for the official final table, and the pursuit of the $8.5 million top prize continues. Elisabeth Hille and Gaelle Baumann were the two unfortunate bubble girls, finishing in 11th place and 10th place respectively. If they would have made the final table it would have been the first time ever that two females were represented at the final table of the Main Event, and if either one of them had advanced, it would have been the first time that a female appeared at the Main Event final table since Barbara Enright in 1995.

Jesse Sylvia is the chip leader at the stop of play with 43,875,000, while Jeremy Ausmus is the short stack with 9,805,000. Andras Koroknai, the winner of the 2010 World Poker Tour L.A. Poker Classic, has made it through with 29,375,000, which is good for second chip-position. The final table will be a mostly American affair, with eight of the nine finalists coming from the United States. The Hungarian professional Koroknai is the lone international finalist.

This concludes our coverage of the 2012 WSOP Main Event until now, but this story still has a big conclusion that is yet to come. The lives of all nine final players are about to change in the coming months. We will see you in October back at the Rio in Las Vegas.

October Nine Final Table Seating Chart with Chip Counts

Seat 1. Russell Thomas – 24,800,000
Seat 2. Jacob Balsiger – 13,115,000
Seat 3. Jeremy Ausmus – 9,805,000
Seat 4. Steven Gee – 16,860,000
Seat 5. Greg Merson – 28,725,000
Seat 6. Jesse Sylvia – 43,875,000
Seat 7. Robert Salaburu    – 15,155,000
Seat 8. Andras Koroknai    – 29,375,000
Seat 9. Michael Esposito – 16,260,000

Scott Abrams Eliminated in 12th Place

Russell Thomas made it 500,000 to go from the cutoff and was called by Steven Gee on the button, Jesse Sylvia in the small blind and Scott Abrams in the big blind. Four players saw a flop of K 7 3 and then chips started to fly.

Sylvia, Abrams, and Thomas all checked over to Gee on the button who bet 1.45 million. Sylvia check-raised to 3.4 million and Abrams re-checked his cards before putting a green chip on top of his cards and began to shuffle his chips while he thought about his next play. Abrams eventually decided to put in another raise to seven million. Thomas and Gee quickly got out of the way and action was back on Sylvia who thought for 30 seconds or so before announcing he was all in. Abrams shrugged his shoulders and called off the last of his 14 million in chips and one of the biggest pots of the tournament was about to be played.

Sylvia showed 7 7, giving him middle set and Abrams turned up K J, giving him top pair and a flush draw. Sylvia would need to fade a diamond in order to be the runaway chip leader in the tournament and the crowd at the secondary feature table erupted with both players having lots of supporters on the rail. The turn card was the Q and only one card separated Sylvia from the chip lead.

The river was the 6 and Sylvia gave a fist pump as he yelled in celebration and went over to hug his supporters on his rail as Abrams exited the secondary feature table. Sylvia now has over 44 million in chips and is the far and away chip leader in the tournament.

“I’m feeling very ambivalent. Good and bad, I was hoping for more but at the same time, the cash I got – I can’t feel too bad, it would be very arrogant for me to be upset with that. By tomorrow I’ll be happy,” said Abrams after the win. He continued: “This has got to be the top, I certainly haven’t done anything this big before … My friends here have been wonderful. Always cheering for me, making signs, doing everything for me. You’re low on sleep, you maybe get six hours of sleep a night and you have anxiety, but having everyone around helps a lot with all of that, and I really appreciate all their support.”

Elisabeth Hille Eliminated in 11th Place

A woman has not made the final table of the Main Event since Barbara Enright did so in 1995. There were two women left with 11 to go, but with the field reduced to ten only one will remain in contention. Andras Koroknai raised to 605,000 in the hijack and Elisabeth Hille three-bet all-in for 3.4 million from the cutoff. It folded back to Koroknai, and after he got a count he elected to call and put Hille’s tournament at risk.

Hille: A Q
Koroknai: 7 7

The J 4 3 flop did nothing to help Hille’s cause, but the K on the turn gave her a total of ten outs to win going into the river. The 3 on the end eliminated Hille from the Main Event in 11th place as the clock was paused to allow the final ten to combine at one table. Koroknai was up to 23 million after the hand.

Thomas Five-Bets All-in, Shows Aces

Russell Thomas raised to 750,000 under the gun and Jacob Balsiger called to his immediate left. Greg Merson three-bet to 1.85m and then Jesse Sylvia cold-four bet to 4.6 million from the cutoff. It quickly folded back around to Thomas, the original raiser, and he five-bet all-in against three opponents. Balsiger, Merson, and Sylvia all quickly folded however, and Thomas flipped over A A as he scooped the sizable pot to chip up to over 25 million.

Gaelle Baumann Doubles Up

Steven Gee raised to 700,000 on the button preflop and Greg Merson tanked for a moment before raising to 1.8 million from the small blind. Gaelle Baumann then called all in for 1.78 from the big blind and Gee got out of the way. The two final players then flipped over their cards:

Baumann: K K
Merson: J 9

Board: J 7 5 T 2

Baumann doubled up on the hand and she now holds 4.6 million. Merson was still strong with 27.7 million after the hand.

Gaelle Baumann Eliminated in 10th Place – Final Table Set

Gaelle Baumann moved all in preflop for 5.2 million from the hi-jack and Andras Koroknai made the call from the small blind. Everyone else mucked and the final two players revealed their hands:

Baumann: A 9
Koroknai: A J

Board: Q Q 3 8 K

Baumann was eliminated in 10th place and she will take home $590,422 in prize money. Koroknai held 29,375,000 after the hand. With Baumann’s elimination the summer at the Rio comes to a close and this year’s October Nine is set.


10. Gaelle Baumann – $590,422
11. Elisabeth Hille – $590,422
12. Scott Abrams – $590,422

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