WSOP: Rodawig Denies Hellmuth #12 in $10K Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo

Stud Hi-Lo specialist Eric Radowig now gets to call himself World Champion,
Stud Hi-Lo specialist Eric Radowig now gets to call himself World Champion,
For the second time at the 2011 World Series of Poker Phil Hellmuth found himself heads-up in a $10,000 buy-in Championship event. After finishing runner-up to John Juanda in the No Limit 2-7 Lowball event Hellmuth was looking for redemption.

He’s going to need to keep looking.

Eric Rodawig led wire-to-wire at the final table and eliminated Hellmuth heads-up to capture his first bracelet and see the Poker Brat’s shot at history denied for the second time in ten days.

“Once I had the chips on the table I’m just looking to win them all I guess. It was fun to play Phil Hellmuth heads-up, ” said Rodawig. “Obviously I liked beating him but if it would have been John Racener or anyone else at the table I would have played it the same.”

Still Rodawig, who is Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo specialist, found that Hellmuth was the player at the final table giving him the most trouble.

“Hellmuth adjusted to me pretty well actually. I kinda expected him to be folding more based on how he plays No Limit tournaments. That wasn’t the case so he was able to accumulate a lot of chips so and get heads up with me. It was tough to shake him.”

Hellmuth wasn’t the only player at the final table with a bracelet to his name. Ted Forrest, who has five, and David Benyamine, who has one, were also in contention when the final eight players sat down. The 2010 WSOP Main Event runner-up John Racener also had himself a seat. Still, those stars knew that sitting with Hellmuth meant it was going to be all about his second shot at #12 in less than ten days.

Coming to the final table with just enough for one bet Ali Eslami needed a miracle to avoid busting first. That miracle never came as Eslami and Ted Forrest were heads-up with Eslami all-in on third street. Both players had a pair of fours but Forrest made aces-up on fourth street and Eslami was unable to improve his high hand or make a low hand and his third final table at the 2011 WSOP ended in an eighth place finish for $51,750.

Just 30 minutes later Joe Tehan went home in seventh spot. Tehan called a raise on seventh street from Rodawig with aces up but Rodawig showed a jack-high straight. Tehan walked away with $62,710, his first cash of the 2011 WSOP.

Russia’s latest final tablist, Mikhail Savinov, went home in sixth spot after tangling in a pot with David Benyamine. The action picked up on fifth street where Savinov called Benyamine’s check-raise for the last of his chips. With two cards to come Benyamine had only a pair of aces while Savinov held a pair of sevens with a low draw. The 6 on the turn gave Savinov two pair while Benyamine failed to improve. The final card for Benyamine was the Q though giving him a better two pair. Savinov missed all of his seventh street draws and was out in sixth for $77,222.

Benyamine’s rush didn’t last long. Only ten minutes after taking out Savinov he became the first victim for Hellmuth on the night. Benyamine check-called Hellmuth’s bets on fifth and sixth street. When Hellmuth bet again on seventh street Benyamine took his time in making the call for the last of his chips. Hellmuth showed aces-up and Benyamine never revealed his down cards and was out in fifth spot for $96,836.

Ted Forrest, who was looking for his first bracelet since he picked up two in 2004, fell just three places short when he ran into the tag team of Hellmuth and Racener. Hellmuth made a pair of kings on sixth street and Racener had a monster draw for both a high and low hand heading to seventh street. Racener caught the 5 to make a 7-5-4-2-A low beating Forrest’s 8-7-6-4-3. Forrest earned $123,904.

Over the next two hours Racener sat on the short stack and doubled himself up three times before finally running out of gas. Racener was all-in on third street and both Rodawig and Hellmuth came along for the ride. No live side pot existed until seventh street when Hellmuth bet. Racener had no qualifying low and only a pair of sevens while Hellmuth turned two hidden queens to give him queens up.

When heads-up play began Rodawig was in complete control with 3,740,000 of the 5,040,000 chips in play. It only took Rodawig 45 minutes to eliminate Hellmuth in second place.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Eric Rodawig – $442,183
  2. Phil Hellmuth – $273,233
  3. John Racener – $171,122
  4. Ted Forrest – $123,904
  5. David Benyamine – $96,836
  6. Mikhail Savinov – $77,222
  7. Joe Tehan – $62,710
  8. Ali Eslami – $51,750
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