WSOP: Vanessa Selbst Wins the $2,500 Six-Max Ten-Game Mixed Event

Vanessa Selbst Wins her Second Gold Bracelet at the 2012 WSOP

The final day of the $2,500 Six-Max Ten-Game Mixed event at the 2012 World Series of Poker welcomed back 19 players and it was Vanessa Selbst who held the chip lead. She also held the chip lead at the end of the tournament, topping a field of 421 players to take home $244,259 and more importantly her second gold bracelet. Selbst also climbed the standings in the WSOP Player of the Year Race (fifth place) and BLUFF Player of the Year Race (sixth place) with the historic victory.

Selbst had a huge group of rail birds sweating her final run to the bracelet, including her roommates for the summer Liv Boeree, Vanessa Rousso, Tiffany Michele and Maria Ho. “I feel so lucky to have the friends that I do, and we travel around the circuit together. We spend a lot of time together talking poker and having fun. It is a very individualistic sport, so it’s really important to have those relationships with people that you know are genuinely happy for you when you do well, and I just feel incredibly lucky to have the friends that I do,” said Selbst when asked about her supporters and friends on the rail.

Selbst ran her lifetime earnings up to $5,406,403, and won the first gold bracelet by a female in an open buy-in event since she won a $1,500 Pot Limit Omaha event in 2008. She became just the sixth woman in history to win multiple gold bracelets at the WSOP, joining Barbara Enright, Nani Dollison, Jennifer Harman, Starla Brodie, and Susie Isaacs. “I feel really honored to be a part of that group of women that have won multiple bracelets, and obviously those are some of the best women that have ever played the game and I’m just really happy to be a part of that group,” said Selbst.

Cards got into the air at the final table a little after 8 p.m. and notables lost along the way to the final table on Day 3 included Can Kim Hua, James Mackey, Mike Wattel, Bryn Kenney, and Scott Clements. The first elimination among the final six took place just after 9 p.m. when Mike Gorodinsky moved all in on a K42 flop  during an Omaha hand with K764. Selbst made the call with A934 and the 5 on the turn ended the hand. Gorodinsky was drawing dead and he exited the field in sixth place.

A half hour later Selbst had another elimination in her sights during a Razz hand. Tom Chambers was all in and he was dealt 87 (4Q99) T. Selbst received 32 (8JA9) 5. Chambers was eliminated in fifth place and play continued four handed.

It didn’t continue that way for long, because Chris Bjorin moved all in on a T63 flop with KQ in the hole during a round of Limit Hold’em. Selbst was in the role of eliminator once again, and this time she held A7. The turn and river were delivered JT and Bjorin was eliminated in fourth place.

Michael Saltzburg got in on the action when he eliminated Tommy Hang in third place. The game was Stud and the money went all in on sixth street. Here is a look at the final board for each player:

Saltzburg: JJ (4J33) K
Hang: 76 (87T6) A

After Hang made his exit thanks to the full house of Saltzburg it was time for a 30-minute dinner break. The two players went to dinner with a wide gap in between their chip counts. Selbst was way out in the lead with 2,641,000, while Saltzburg held just 516,000. When the two returned from dinner there were reinforcements for Selbst group of rail birds and a festive atmosphere set in for the heads-up final.

Selbst made quick work of Saltzburg after dinner and it was just a little after 11 p.m. that the final hand transpired. It came during Deuce-to-Seven Triple Draw, and it began when Selbst opened from the button. Saltzburg made the call and drew two cards. Selbst drew one and then it was Saltzburg who led with a bet. Selbst raised and Saltzburg made the call. Both players stood pat on the final drawing round and then Saltzburg committed the last of his chips to the pot. Selbst made the call and flipped over the nuts: 75432. Saltzburg mucked his hand and he was eliminated in second place. Selbst was the winner and she went over to her group of friends to celebrate.

“In the beginning I was getting pretty fortunate to win a bunch of big pots and scoop a couple of big ones in Stud Hi-Lo. Once I got the big stack and the other stacks were shorter, in the blind games I could open up a little bit more, like No Limit, Limit, PLO and stuff like that, because they had to worry about the pay jumps and things like that. Honestly in the beginning it was just sort of playing my cards and after that … honestly I ran so good that, once I had the chips it was kind of easy,” said Selbst when asked about her dominant run at the final table.

Here is a look at the final table results:

1. Vanessa Selbst – $244,259
2. Michael Saltzburg – $150,849
3. Tommy Hang – $97,884
4. Chris Bjorin – $64,649
5.  Tom Chambers – $43,099
6. Mike Gorodinsky – $30,169

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