Event #47: No-Limit Hold'em - One Drop High Roller

2013 44th Annual World Series of Poker

Date: Buy-In: Prize Pool: Entrants:
Jun-26-2013 to Jun-28-2013 $111,111 $17,891,148 166
Player: WSOP POY: BLUFF POY: Prize:
1.  Anthony Gregg0.00 pts325.00 pts$4,830,619
2.  Chris Klodnicki0.00 pts227.50 pts$2,985,495
3.  Bill Perkins0.00 pts162.50 pts$1,965,163
4.  Antonio Esfandiari0.00 pts143.00 pts$1,433,438
5.  Richard Fullerton0.00 pts123.50 pts$1,066,491
6.  Martin Jacobson0.00 pts107.25 pts$807,427
7.  Brandon Steven0.00 pts91.00 pts$621,180
8.  Nick Schulman0.00 pts78.00 pts$485,029
9.  Olivier Busquet0.00 pts32.50 pts$384,122
10.  Lawrence Greenberg0.00 pts32.50 pts$384,122
11.  Connor Drinan0.00 pts32.50 pts$308,622
12.  Jeremy Ausmus0.00 pts32.50 pts$308,622
13.  Matt Glantz0.00 pts16.25 pts$251,549
14.  Martin Finger0.00 pts16.25 pts$251,549
15.  Blake Bohn0.00 pts16.25 pts$208,968
16.  Mike Sexton0.00 pts16.25 pts$208,968
17.  Daniel Alaei0.00 pts16.25 pts$173,723
18.  Andrew Lichtenberger0.00 pts16.25 pts$173,723
19.  Phil Laak0.00 pts16.25 pts$173,723
20.  Shaun Deeb0.00 pts16.25 pts$173,723
21.  Jason Koon0.00 pts16.25 pts$173,723
22.  Farshad Fardad0.00 pts16.25 pts$173,723
23.  Dan Shak0.00 pts16.25 pts$173,723
24.  Steve Gross0.00 pts16.25 pts$173,723