Event #55: The Poker Player's Championship

2013 44th Annual World Series of Poker

Date: Buy-In: Prize Pool: Entrants:
Jun-30-2013 to Jul-4-2013 $50,000 $6,336,000 132
Player: WSOP POY: BLUFF POY: Prize:
1.  Matthew Ashton0.00 pts300.00 pts$1,774,089
2.  Donald Nguyen0.00 pts210.00 pts$1,096,254
3.  John Hennigan0.00 pts150.00 pts$686,568
4.  David Benyamine0.00 pts132.00 pts$497,122
5.  George Danzer0.00 pts114.00 pts$388,523
6.  Minh Ly0.00 pts99.00 pts$309,830
7.  Mike Wattel0.00 pts84.00 pts$251,602
8.  Jonathan Duhamel0.00 pts72.00 pts$207,630
9.  Mike Gorodinsky0.00 pts15.00 pts$173,796
10.  Michael Glick0.00 pts15.00 pts$173,796
11.  Huck Seed0.00 pts15.00 pts$147,882
12.  Bryn Kenney0.00 pts15.00 pts$147,882
13.  Tam (Tommy) Hang0.00 pts15.00 pts$128,620
14.  Kevin Song0.00 pts15.00 pts$128,620
15.  Troy Burkholder0.00 pts15.00 pts$111,893
16.  Gary Benson0.00 pts15.00 pts$111,893