Event 17: No Limit Hold'em Senior's Championship

45th Annual World Series of Poker

Date: Buy-In: Prize Pool: Entrants:
Jun-6-2014 to Jun-9-2014 $1,000 $3,982,500 4,425
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Player: WSOP POY: BLUFF POY: Prize:
1.  Dan Heimiller0.00 pts0.00 pts$627,462
2.  Donald Maas0.00 pts0.00 pts$388,054
3.  David (Memphis Mojo) Smith0.00 pts0.00 pts$279,412
4.  Anthony Wise0.00 pts0.00 pts$206,492
5.  Dennis Phillips0.00 pts0.00 pts$153,883
6.  David Tran0.00 pts0.00 pts$115,651
7.  Doc Barry0.00 pts0.00 pts$87,615
8.  David Vida0.00 pts0.00 pts$66,945
9.  Jim Custer0.00 pts0.00 pts$51,573
10.  Michael Frederick0.00 pts0.00 pts$40,024
11.  Kevin Detienne0.00 pts0.00 pts$40,024
12.  Mitchell Lehman0.00 pts0.00 pts$40,024
13.  Robert Cramer0.00 pts0.00 pts$31,302
14.  Carl Torelli0.00 pts0.00 pts$31,302
15.  Richard Munro0.00 pts0.00 pts$31,302
16.  Robert Cutshall0.00 pts0.00 pts$24,691
17.  Deborah Phillips0.00 pts0.00 pts$24,691
18.  Stephen Wood0.00 pts0.00 pts$24,691
19.  Craig Carrillo0.00 pts0.00 pts$19,633
20.  James Miller0.00 pts0.00 pts$19,633
21.  Walter Davis0.00 pts0.00 pts$19,633
22.  Michael Wilson0.00 pts0.00 pts$19,633
23.  Alan Gillespie0.00 pts0.00 pts$19,633
24.  Milwood Motley0.00 pts0.00 pts$19,633
25.  Len Sepke0.00 pts0.00 pts$19,633
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