Event 62: Little One for One Drop (Unlimited Re-Entry for Six Levels)

45th Annual World Series of Poker

Date: Buy-In: Prize Pool: Entrants:
Jul-2-2014 to Jul-7-2014 $1,111 $4,046,400 4,496
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Player: WSOP POY: BLUFF POY: Prize:
1.  Igor Dubinskyy280.00 pts0.00 pts$637,539
2.  Theodore Driscoll196.00 pts0.00 pts$394,281
3.  Brandon Eisen140.00 pts0.00 pts$283,895
4.  Shay Zurr123.20 pts0.00 pts$209,805
5.  Eric Baldwin106.40 pts0.00 pts$156,352
6.  Jackduyph (Jack) Duong92.40 pts0.00 pts$117,507
7.  Matthew Lapossie78.40 pts0.00 pts$89,020
8.  Vimy Ha67.20 pts0.00 pts$68,019
9.  Bao Nguyen56.00 pts0.00 pts$52,400
10.  Kevin Eyster42.00 pts0.00 pts$40,666
11.  Keanu Tabali42.00 pts0.00 pts$40,666
12.  Maurice Hawkins42.00 pts0.00 pts$40,666
13.  Arpad Balazs42.00 pts0.00 pts$31,804
14.  Wladislaw Eckhardt42.00 pts0.00 pts$31,804
15.  Michael Tureniec42.00 pts0.00 pts$31,804
16.  Nickolas Davies42.00 pts0.00 pts$25,087
17.  Alexander Ziskin42.00 pts0.00 pts$25,087
18.  Xiao Peng42.00 pts0.00 pts$25,087
19.  Jose Garcia42.00 pts0.00 pts$19,948
20.  Jeff Gibralter42.00 pts0.00 pts$19,948
21.  Julian Parmann42.00 pts0.00 pts$19,948
22.  Tommy Hoard42.00 pts0.00 pts$19,948
23.  Brett Shaffer42.00 pts0.00 pts$19,948
24.  Nikita Nikolaev42.00 pts0.00 pts$19,948
25.  Mykhalio Krasnytskyi42.00 pts0.00 pts$19,948
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